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Meet Our Teachers!

Ann Lau

Ann started sewing when she was a teenager and her sewing passion really ignited after retiring from a 30-year corporate career. Ann has been part of the sewing industry for over 10 years.

As a teacher and trainer with Best of BERNINA, Ann offers her sewing expertise and her extensive knowledge of the BERNINA line of sewing machines.

Betty Ladymon

Betty has been sewing since she was a little girl and she made her first formal gown when she was only 12! Winner of numerous sewing awards, Betty has also won ribbons from the Texas State Fair for sewing, knitting, and beading projects! Betty made her children’s clothing and while her boys soon outgrew their homemade clothes, her daughter continued to wear her creations through her college years.

Betty is certified in the Bishop Method of Clothing Construction.

Betty joined the Best of BERNINA team in 2001 and she not only teaches new BERNINA owners how to use their machines, she also teaches home décor, little girl’s dresses, projects on the Serger, and bags.

The BERNINA magazine Through the Needle even published her Serger pillow class!

Cathy Miller

Cathy’s love of quilting began in 2014. She was about to retire, and she was afraid she would have nothing to do after retirement. She was also driven by the desire to make a quilt for her daughter’s college graduation. Everything snowballed from there! She bought her first BERNINA machine at that time and now owns four! She took every class available and become an avid YouTuber. She is also an avid reader and loves to learn new things. So far, she has made over 100 quilts! For someone who was afraid of having nothing to do during retirement, let’s just say she converted two rooms in her home to sewing rooms and has a stash that could rival any quilt shop!

Cathy strives to sew every day and to share her passion for sewing. At Best of BERNINA, Cathy teaches the Silhouette Cameo class and Tips and Tricks for beginner quilters.

Pam Patton

Pam started sewing when she was only six years old and her first project was a reversible wrap skirt! In her early years, she created garments and won several awards in that category for Camp Fire Girls at the Ohio State Fair.

She majored in Fashion Design with a minor in Business from Ohio State University. She then moved to Dallas where she worked in the corporate world. During that time, her sewing focus shifted to quilting, fiber arts, and bag-making. She loves scrappy quilts, zippy bags, decorative machine stitches, and making things from scraps of fabric!

Pam bought her first BERNINA in 2001—a 180—and she now sews on a 780 that she nicknamed Sassy! She also owns a BERNINA 125 and a BERNINA Serger 1150MDA.

She belongs to the Frisco Quilt Guild where she occasionally teaches workshops. She lives in Farmersville, TX and owns an apiary of about 12 bee hives.

Pam has been teaching at Best of BERNINA since 2006.

Teri DeBolt

Teri had the chance of having a mom who sewed clothing for the family. During her Senior year, while Teri’s mother was out of town, she decided to sew a dress for herself. Although she’s not sure she should have worn that dress, that was the beginning of her sewing career!

In 1970, Teri became a BERNINA girl for life when she started working for her local BERNINA dealer and fabric store. She’s had the privilege of working with BERNINA dealerships throughout her career and have never had the desire to work anywhere else!

In the beginning, Teri worked on garment construction, home décor, and crafts. In the 80s, she spent hours practicing free motion embroidery and applique techniques. She’s not afraid of trying anything: if it can be sewn, she tried it!

Trying many techniques helped her develop skills that she still uses today in teaching quilting, embroidery, and machine arts at Best of BERNINA.

Nancy J VanPatten

Nancy has been a certified Bernina Sewing, Embroidery and Software Instructor for 35 years. She specializes in machine appliqué and embroidery, quilting, clothing construction, and computerized sewing machine instruction. She is married and a mother of five children and is also a grandmother to 11 children.